Leaky ductwork is like having a hole in your wallet.

When your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system pumps air into ductwork riddled with holes and fissures, it works harder to compensate for the air loss.

Working harder means using more energy to heat and cool your Phoenix, AZ home, which results in higher utility bills. Stressing your HVAC equipment may also lead to more repairs and a shorter service life.

What Is Aeroseal?

Our professional duct sealing technicians at Desert Diamond Air use Aeroseal, a state-of-the-art sealing process for quickly and effectively stopping the flow of conditioned air into unconditioned spaces, such as attics, crawl spaces, and between walls.

Desert Diamond Air is your trusted HVAC company for ductwork maintenance and repair in Greater Phoenix, including Phoenix, Scottsdale, Peoria, Glendale, Mesa, Sun City, and Surprise.  We clean, deodorize, and seal ductwork, restoring its integrity and cleanliness.

Cleaning is not a prerequisite for Aerosol duct sealing in most air ducts, although your home may benefit from duct cleaning and fogging.

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Why Seal Air Ducts With Aeroseal?

In addition to saving money on energy costs and HVAC system repairs, sound ductwork maintains comfort in your home. When conditioned air escapes into your attic instead of flowing into your living spaces, the remaining hot or cool air that exits your air vents may feel weak, causing you to crank up the heat or AC to compensate for lost comfort.

Conditioned air not only escapes holes in ductwork, but dirty air can seep through them. The contaminated air flows through air ducts, out of air vents, and into your family room, kitchen, bedrooms, and other living spaces.

Your damaged ductwork can serve as an intake and distribution system for mold spores, dirt, dust, bacteria, and insects. Sealing cracks and holes can improve indoor air quality (IAQ).

ENERGY STAR® says holes and cracks can lose 20 to 30 percent of the air that moves through ductwork, making an excellent case for duct sealing.

What Is the Aeroseal Process?

Our Desert Diamond Air technicians cover all wall registers before injecting the sealant, composed of polymer particles, into the ducts for approximately one hour.

Continuous air movement inside the ductwork keeps sealant particles afloat. The Aeroseal process pressurizes the air escaping through holes and cracks, forcing the particles to collide and adhere to the edges of each opening.

The sealant builds up and eliminates holes up to one inch in diameter. The sealant does not coat the walls of the duct. It seals each imperfection, even those in inaccessible and unseen air ducts.

Our licensed pros can complete the sealing process in four to eight hours and provide a computer-generated analysis verifying Aeroseal’s success.

Signs Your Phoenix Home Has Leaky Ducts

Our team at Desert Diamond Air will take pressurized readings to pinpoint cracks and leaks in your air ducts. Here are other indicators that you have leaky ductwork:

  • Your energy bills have increased.
  • You smell fumes or musty odors.
  • Some rooms are too hot or too cold.
  • You notice excessive dust in one or more rooms.
  • Indoor air triggers allergy or asthma symptoms.

Don’t let leaky ducts drive up energy costs and stress your HVAC system. Call us today for a free consultation on how to restore your ductwork.

Is Aeroseal safe for my family and my pets?

Absolutely. Aeroseal is a water-soluble organic compound. It is used in hospitals, surgery centers, schools, and other applications.

How long does it take for the Aeroseal sealant to totally dry?

It depends on how much ductwork you have and how many leaks you have, but generally about two hours.

Will Aeroseal help prevent dust in my Phoenix, AZ, home?

Yes. Leaky ducts and vents pull in dust, mold, and dander that eventually reach your living room, bedrooms, and kitchen.  Aeroseal can reduce leaky ductwork by as much as 90 percent, preventing contaminants from circulating throughout your home.

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