The Winners!

Sandra Day Winner
Mountain Ridge Winner
Ridgeline Academy Winner

Vote for Your Favorite Local School!

Our community has put their trust and business in Desert Diamond Air over the years, and Desert Diamond Air is supporting the community once again with the "vote to support your favorite school" campaign!

Participants click to "vote" for their favorite school below to show their support. At the end of a two-week-long voting period, the winner will be chosen based on which school received the most votes.


The three schools eligible to win are:

Mountain Ridge High School

Sandra Day O’Connor High School

Ridgeline Academy


You can vote daily from multiple devices, so remember to come back and vote!

The first-place winner will receive $5,000, second and third place both take home $1,500 (minimum 200 votes to qualify).

Good luck and happy voting!

Voting Ends In:


This poll has ended (since 2 months).
Sandra Day O’Connor High School
Mountain Ridge High School
Ridgeline Academy

Learn About the Organizations

Mountain Ridge High School

We have decided that the allocated funds will be directed towards our upcoming Make-A-Wish Week fundraiser, commencing in the following weeks. This donation will contribute to our efforts in supporting this meaningful cause, aligning with our school's commitment to community engagement and philanthropy

Sandra Day O’Connor High School

They plan to allocate funds to benefit both the school and the Student Government Organization (STUGO), with STUGO utilizing its share to organize events like Prom and Homecoming, while the other half supports the Stay Classy program. This initiative rewards students for demonstrating positive behavior, such as refraining from causing disruptions, through prize drawings and gift cards. By distributing funds in this manner, OC aims to enhance the student experience, promote responsible behavior, and foster a respectful and inclusive environment within the school community.

Ridgeline Academy

Ridgeline intends to allocate the funds to enhance both their educational and athletic initiatives, thereby fostering comprehensive development within their academic and sports spheres.